How it works


Share your years of built-up experience by solving challenges from startups and SMEs.

The Retired Talents platform allows you to help solve the problems companies are facing. During a challenge you will startups and SMEs by for example, exploring new markets, validating new value propositions or exploring effective growth strategies. 

What is in it for you?

  • Space for sharing and gathering knowledge
  • New development and networking opportunities 
  • Chance to be part of a sustainable company aimed at making the world a better place
  • Personal communication


Explore the challenges that startups/SMEs put on our website

The 'Challenge Spaces' describe the type of challenges that can be solved.

Pick a challenge that you would like to solve

Submit a short motivation why you think you can solve this challenge.

Get matched to a startup or SME

Typically this process starts with a kick off meeting between you and the company, after which you will start working on the project


Paul Langemeijer

"When Retired Talents asked for a quality that I can help companies with, I first thought about programming, but further in the process I discovered new qualities that I didn’t think about in the first place"

Kees van der Hall

"Retired Talents separate themselves from the competitors by adding the personal touch. Keeping you happy is their highest priority!"

Pim Verboon

"Learning is making mistakes. With your experience you can help companies avoid the mistakes you've made before."

Jaap Douma

"I am here to help. If you want me happy, give me problems to solve :)"


Our talents are our biggest and most unique strength. They are the knowledge, the experience and the wisdom keepers in our community. They have the ability to help startups and SMEs, which are huge drivers of the economy, grow. With the rise of entrepreneurship over the last couple of years, the importance of experienced guidance has increased. The talents help you and us to solve business challenges by offering new insights and preventing you from making the same mistakes as they have made in the past. Here are some quotes of what the Retired Talents think about us!

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