How it works


Let retired industry experts solve your challenges. Receive solutions and get access to talent.

The Retired Talents platform allows you to submit challenges you are facing. During a challenge a retired industry expert will help you solve your problem, such as exploring new markets, validating new value propositions or exploring effective growth strategies. 

What is in it for you?

  • The opportunity to be matched with a retired industry expert who has years of experience
  • Access to a network and talent pool
  • Dynamic way to gather new insights


Submit a challenge using the SMART way

After formulating a business plan, our team will refine it and get it published.

Get matched to a retired industry expert

Receive a list of retired industry experts interested in solving your challenge through video pitches or motivation letters made by them.

Get your challenge solved

The actual challenge runs during a certain period that you discussed with the retired industry expert we put you in contact with. Typically this process starts with a kick off meeting between you and the retired industry expert, after which the retirees will get to work.


The Yang Club

"Through Retired Talents, we were able to get in contact with Roelof. We set up a meeting with him ourselves and he gave us valuable tips about our branding and marketing strategy. Thanks for connecting us, Retired Talents!"

WOGO Amsterdam

"He brought his work expertise into our way of working, opening our eyes to zoom out of the small work and show us how to work better, more efficient and smoother"



We have the pleasure to be working with very promising startups who have become a valuable part of our community. We want to provide all of our members a unique and valuable experience. Some of the companies are already collaborating with our retirees on projects or are getting strategic advice through feedback sessions. It is safe to say that most companies have had very enriching experiences through our event and by closely working with our talents afterwards! Here are some quotes on the experiences companies have had!

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