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Challenge 1

Retired Talents seeks to be the bridge between retired industry experts and startups/SME’s

Retired Talents

Startup phase

1 - 5 employees

What do you struggle with?

We struggle with optimizing our business model in the sense that we would like to make the biggest profit possible based on our charging fees, while keeping customers happy and coming back to us, simultaneously.

We would like to draw up a price list and to be exact about how we will be defining the charging fees based on the type of company and challenge that needs to be solved.

Also, we struggle with defining our customer segment on the demand side (startups and SMEs). We would like to be niche concentrated at the beginning, therefore we need to place some boundaries on the type of companies that we want to target. Last but not least, we need help with validating this business model with our potential customer segments!

What do you specifically want to achieve?

We want to have clearly defined customer segments, types of revenue streams, and a price list for our charging fees. Also, we would like to have a business model that is validated with at least 30 target companies.

How can it possibly be done?

Having someone with experience in writing business models to steer us in the right direction for research. Research can be done by us, however, we would like to receive some initial validation and help from an expert in order to draft a survey and have enough companies fill it in. Last but not the least, access to a broad network in the business world could also solve our challenge.

Why is reaching this goal relevant to you?

It is relevant for us because, without a clear business model, we cannot build trust in our system and that means it will be difficult for us to keep our customers happy. Consequently, that will bring us lower income than we could potentially make, and lower profit - therefore less money for future investments and growth. At the end of the day, it might mean "death" for our startup.

When do you want to have your goal achieved?

We would like to have our goal achieved by the middle of February and possibly start generating some income in Q1 of 2021.