Because talent never retires

Solve your challenges with the help of retired industry experts

Our mission

Our mission is to bring the knowledge from Retired Talents to startups and SME's. We can create valuable connections by functioning as a bridge between those two.

About us

Our team contains of 4 final year students from the University of Amsterdam. We came together because we all had a similar goal: "Create a business that contributes to society".

Our vision

We see a world where no experienced retirees who have the motivation and knowledge to continue working have to sit at home.

How do we work

Retired Talents is a recruitment platform that seeks to establish a bridge between passionate retired industry experts and startups/SME’s who want to develop themselves further!

Submit challenge

The company submits a SMART challenge

Challenge is being checked

The Retired Talents team checks if the challenge is in line with the terms and conditions

Challenge can be viewed

The challenge is accepted and can be viewed by the talents


The talent can apply for each challenge by making a short pitch with how they can help solving this challenge

Overview of applicants

The company sees an overview of all the applicants for each challenge and can select specific ones to talk to

Match is made

The talent and the company can work together on solving the specific challenge

The team

Daniel Andzhurov

Automotive Engineering

Bruna Biasi de Lima

Communication Science

Kevin van Dijk

Information Science

Etienne White

International Business Administration



Our talents are our biggest and most unique strength. They are the knowledge, the experience and the wisdom keepers in our community. They have the ability to help startups and SMEs, which are huge drivers of the economy, grow. With the rise of entrepreneurship over the last couple of years, the importance of experienced guidance has increased. The talents help you and us to solve business challenges by offering new insights and preventing you from making the same mistakes as they have made in the past. Here are some quotes of what the Retired Talents think about us!

Paul Langemeijer

"When Retired Talents asked for a quality that I can help companies with, I first thought about programming, but further in the process I discovered new qualities that I didn’t think about in the first place"

Kees van der Hall

"Retired Talents separate themselves from the competitors by adding the personal touch. Keeping you happy is their highest priority!"

Pim Verboon

"Learning is making mistakes. With your experience you can help companies avoid the mistakes you've made before."

Jaap Douma

"I am here to help. If you want me happy, give me problems to solve :)"

The Yang Club

"Through Retired Talents, we were able to get in contact with Roelof. We set up a meeting with him ourselves and he gave us valuable tips about our branding and marketing strategy. Thanks for connecting us, Retired Talents!"

WOGO Amsterdam

"He brought his work expertise into our way of working, opening our eyes to zoom out of the small work and show us how to work better, more efficient and smoother"



We have the pleasure to be working with very promising startups who have become a valuable part of our community. We want to provide all of our members a unique and valuable experience. Some of the companies are already collaborating with our retirees on projects or are getting strategic advice through feedback sessions. It is safe to say that most companies have had very enriching experiences through our event and by closely working with our talents afterwards! Here are some quotes on the experiences companies have had!

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